Unconventionally Famous – The Story of Pipa Bella

It is not every day that we get to see the growth of something so unique and refreshing. The E-Commerce startup Pipa Bella is a story of an unconventional idea back in the day (2012) gaining popularity. It is a brand whose story is unique and the passion of the founder based on love for jewelry as well as brand building and marketing. From a startup to making itself a famous brand, Pipa Bella has come a long way.

A brand that has become so famous for its unique and quirky designs, it releases new designs weekly and has been gushed over by famous Bollywood actors to bloggers. From the famous signature style name lockets to customized charm bracelets, it has it all. It has a modern touch for the modern Indian women. From formal meetings to cocktail parties, accessories are available for all occasions not to forget at an affordable price.

The founder of the brand Pipa Bella, Shuchi Pandya has completed her MBA from the Wharton School. Born to a family of jewelers, Shuchi always had a passion for jewelers but wanted to do something different with it rather than choosing the path of the family. This is when the idea of Pippa Bella struck her. Providing quality to the customers has always been a dinner table conversation in her family and has stayed with her. Shuchi believes that a brand must mean a lot more than preaching art to the customer, it has to create a story, a story that would last with the customers.

The story of Pipa Bella lies in its name. Pippa is a Spanish girl, who loves adventures and is sporty. Bella is an Italian girl who is graceful and has a charm to her. They are best friends and their style varies, pipa Bella caters to both their personalities and with many moods within a person as well. Someone might feel like a little Pipa one time or Bella another.

The brand’s USP lies in its design and supply chain, with new styles releasing every single week, it brings their customers back to them on a regular basis. They as a brand are continuously using data to introduce better products as fast as possible for their customers.

As every entrepreneur faces challenges at the start and so did, she. Raising funds was a challenge as the product was aimed at women and as a category, many investors had reservations and a lack of understanding of the sector but she grew from the challenges and has managed to raise over US $2.8 million in funds. Team building was another challenge, they started with 4 members which later grew throughout the years. Shuchi mentions that one of the best decisions they took was keeping core functions in house. This pushed them to streamline operations, scale quickly and add new categories.

The story of pipa Bella is inspiring, streams from belief in one’s idea and realizing one’s entrepreneurial dreams. Balancing art and commerce effectively so as to gain success in one’s endeavors is a challenge but ones tackled effectively leads to great success.