Revolution in Mental Health

By – Shrinidhi Karole

Revolutionizing mental health care facilities with innovative ways is something that is extremely necessary and an important thing to do. At an age where everything is available on our smartphones, wouldn’t it be great if you got some mental health support for yourself?

Such initiative is taken by a website known as 7cups. is a website where you can connect to various listeners. We as human beings just want to be heard. Venting out and speaking your mind can be a very cathartic experience, this is the idea behind the website.

The listeners on the website won’t judge, or give opinions or tell you what to do. they are there to just listen and helps a person to clear their head out. Non-judgemental behavior and empathy are some of the traits that a trained listener must possess and 7 cups ensures that the listener is well trained in those areas.  People are allowed to talk about whatever is on their mind. The listeners are from all walks of life from across the world with diverse experience, and the person can choose the listener.

They give you space to vent out and clear your head about problems ranging from daily hassles to big existential crisis.

7 cups has received the 2016 Stanford Medicine X award for excellence in Health Care Systems Design.

Along with the emotional health service, 7 cups is also an online therapy provider. For the people who do not have the time or resources to go for the conventional therapy system, this is a great way to bring resources easily to the people in need. To make it easier to access them, they have app for both android and ios.

With the help of technology, 7 Cups is bringing together caring people who want to help others with those who just need to talk to someone.!


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