By – Ishanea Sabharwal

Travelling is an experience for the soul. Taking in the fresh air from lush green forests or, sitting at a cafe listening to the sound of busy streets, or long walks on the beaches during the night, travelling has never failed to make people thankful for the life that they have been granted. However, with lives getting busier, less time to spare, and growing demand for uniqueness in the travelling experience, changing times need better technologies.

Keeping in mind the dynamic lifestyle, an architectural firm in Canada, HOK, has come up with an idea for a hotel which will change the way we look at travelling for the better. Driftspace is a hotel that combines the luxury of a room with drone technology for creating an enriching and fulfilling experience for its travellers. These airborne pods can be used to live in places that were considered inhabitable and will have a minimum impact on the environment.

Driftspace hotels are made up of several modular glass units. It comprises of two components. First is a 205 square feet, single guest room, for the accommodation of two. It would consist of a bed, side tables, and a three-piece bathroom and it will have a 360 degrees view.

Second is a modular unit of 2500 square feet which includes the support services, kitchen and tech area. Three of these pods form the ‘oasis’, consisting of basic amenities, restaurant, courtyard, and communal lounge.

Travellers can map their 2-3 days excursion in advance. They can fly their pods away from the main modular unit to their planned spot with the help of the central navigation system. The travellers will also be notified of the activities in the area that they are visiting.

Driftspace is made up of polymer walls and lightweight material for the ease of flying. “Each unit is fitted with ‘self-levelling’ pneumatic support anchors that retract from the base,” the team explained. “They allow the Driftcraft to safely perch on any terrain without negatively impacting the site.”

Driftspace is one of the finalists of the Radical Innovation Award. It has taken the experience of travelling to another level by allowing their travellers to enjoy the scenery of a place from the comfort of their beds. Long and tiring drives or crammed public transportation is no more a problem and a person can experience the aesthetic scenery without any travelling load.

Still, many issues have yet to be addressed. “Foreseen challenges regarding regulatory restriction that govern air space are expected,” the firm confessed. “However rigorous testing and safety features that eliminate operational errors will help to allay concern and pave the way for widespread use.”

Overcoming these problems will surely be a challenge for the company HOK, nevertheless, the innovation will be a game-changer for other companies as well as for future travellers.











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