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Objectives of CoE:

1. Foster a culture of innovation, startups and entrepreneurship in the ecosystem and society at large.

2. Develop technical and domain deep expertise in chosen thrust areas.

3. Identify problem areas to be researched based on the needs of large corporates

4. dentify 2 to 3 Projects every 6 months from students / faculty / startups addressing these needs, support in building a proposal.

5. Mentor startups in the area of ideation, opportunity analysis, business modelling, prototyping, launch management and scale-up.

6. Offer specialized programs and training to startups.

7. Develop linkages with Technology / R&D institutions, large corporates, angel investors and venture capitalists.

7 pillars of Center of Excellence (CoE) Ecosystem:

1. Infrastructure: Access to well-equipped, technologically sound infrastrcutre that facilities innovation in the thrust areas.

2. Mentoring: Access to superior mentoring to help turnaround your start-up with business and technical insights.

3. Experience Zone: Display your products and services in the CoE facility to the right industry leaders, decision-makers and other visitors.

4. Acceleration Programs and Industry Hackathons: Enable participation in corporate innovation programs, Hackathon competitions and pitch sessions.

5. Funding: Facilitate funding through corporate, angel investors, venture capital and other funding agencies.

6. Market access: Access to industry organisations for product validations, testing and pilot customers.

7. Capacity building: Access to internal & external service providers for legal, finance, accounting, marketing and IPR. Access to ongoing expert sessions on business & technology development throughout the incubation program.

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